About us

About Us

So you’ve seen those people that have quit their jobs, sold everything and gone travelling. And you’ve seen those posts about how if you’re not travelling you’re not really living. But you don’t mind your job, and you have a house and kids (or furbabies in my case). And even if you did sell everything you own you’re not going to make it far around the world with that. So how can you still travel and see the world? Well the answer is simple, you can actually traverse the globe on a lot less money than you think. This blog will give you some tips and tricks of how to travel on a budget based on our own past experiences. Some of these may be dependent on circumstances so they may not all be relevant to you. But if we help even one person see a new place we’ll be happy.

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Meet the Writers

There are currently three writers working on The Travel Fairies Blog, Lucy, Amy and Jess. Whilst we are sisters, each of us are very different people and travel in different ways. We have each written a bucket list and introduction which you can find by clicking the pictures above. But to get a general overview of each of us keep reading here.


Amy was the first writer and creator of The Travel Fairies Blog. She has traveled to many places including living abroad in Sydney, Australia. Amy likes to have experiences while traveling and keeps active while on holiday trying to fit as much into her schedule as possible. She will travel anywhere with anyone (friends, family, partner or solo) and is vegetarian. Most of Amy’s posts will be about trying new things and seeing new places and how you can achieve this on a limited budget.


Lucy is the oldest of the Travel Fairies and a major Disney Fan. She does visit other places but most of her trips will include Disney in one way or another! Out of the Travel Fairies, Lucy is the most into her fashion and cosmetics. You can always expect to find recommendations for clothes and makeup from Lucy as well as other useful information. Lucy is also somewhat of a Disneyworld/Disneyland expert so for anyone interested in visiting the parks check out Lucy’s posts for a helpful tip or 2!


Jess is the youngest of the Travel Fairies and also our editor-in-chief. She is currently studying English Literature in London so she is an expert in grammar (a little too much sometimes!). She is big into books and films so will always have some recommendations in these areas. Jess often travels solo around the UK and Europe but does also go further afield for special trips.