Meet Jess
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Meet Jess

Hi there, I’m Jess.

I’m the youngest of the Fairies but by no means, the least traveled. I’m 21 and live in London, where I study English Literature at university. I work as a book editor, so I’m also the editor of the blog (I occasionally add things to my sisters’ posts – as all good little sisters should do!).

I enjoy travelling to new places and exploring.  I’ve been to many European countries, including Austria, Germany and the Netherlands, as well as France, Spain and Italy. I’ve also been to South Africa on a horse riding safari. I’m not the biggest on planning, I just see where the day takes me. This means I spend a lot of time wandering around, sometimes getting lost – as Amy can tell you! – but occasionally discovering amazing and beautiful places.


Jess’ Bucket List

Jess's Bucket list

My hope is to travel to every country in the world, and, as a big swimmer, I want to visit some of the biggest and the best water parks out there. I’m also a big fan of Italy so I would like to go back and visit every city in Italy, although I don’t think any will top Venice for me. I’m also a big snacker and especially fond of ice cream so to try and find the best ice cream in the world is on my list too.

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