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Meet Amy

Hi there,
I’m Amy and I’m the creator of the Travel Fairies Blog. I’d like to take a bit of time to introduce myself since I know I might have some new readers since the relaunch of this blog. The other writers will be introducing themselves later too. I also run the Instagram account @travel_fairie. If you don’t already follow me and would like to see more of my pictures follow me on there.

As I said, my name is Amy and I was the first of the Travel Fairies despite being the middle child. I am 23 and work full time as a Quality Control Technician. At university, I studied Biology and Forensic Science. As part of this, I lived in Sydney, Australia for 6 months and spent a lot of time exploring the city and country. I now spend as much time as I possibly can traveling.  The rest of the time I spend saving up money to travel! My boyfriend often tells me I spend too much on traveling but I don’t really mind! As a way of introducing myself to you and helping you get to know what kind of traveler I am, I have decided to share my travel bucket list below.

Amy’s Bucket list

Amy's Bucketlist

As you can see from my bucket list I really enjoy having experiences while I travel. Previously, I have swum in the Great Barrier Reef, slept under the stars in the Australian outback and climbed Mount Kilimanjaro. I have been to rainforests, mountains and deserts and hope to continue having these kinds of experiences. I hope you will join me and follow the trips I have in the future.

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