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Mexico Mystery Mini Blog (Part One)

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Back in August 2023, myself (Lucy) and Adam got married. As we’ve lived together for a while now, we asked for any wedding gifts to be money that we could put towards our honeymoon. As I had done most of the planning for the wedding, Adam was left in charge of organising the honeymoon, which he kept a complete surprise from me. Over the next five weeks, we’ll tell you all about the mystery Mexico honeymoon. We hope you enjoy!

Picking Mexico

We decided to leave picking a honeymoon destination until after the wedding, once we knew how much money we had been gifted from the wedding so we had a budget to work within. With the budget in hand, Adam was now in charge. As the majority of my holidays have been to one of the Disney Parks across the world, Adam was a lot more knowledgable about booking ‘proper’ holidays. Lots of people asked if I was worried leaving it up to him, but I knew I was in safe hands. We had also made a non-negotiables list together, so knew we were on the same wave length for the type of holiday. Our non-negotiables included a beach holiday, all inclusive, adults only, and somewhere we could do activities.

Armed with the non-negotiables and the budget, Adam set off to work. He looked online, in travel magazines, and finally went in to the local TUI store. There with the travel agent, he was able to narrow down the search. With the honeymoon being in October, this narrowed the search down quite drastically as who wants to go on a beach holiday when it’s cold?!

The travel agent also asked Adam what he thought I would like as part of the honeymoon. He told her that if it was down to me, I’d have booked Disney. We’d already been to Disneyland Paris for our mini-moon back in August so he didn’t want to do that again. He does however know happy wife = happy life so wanted to include a subtle nod to Disney. My all time favourite film is cars so considered doing an American Road Trip but that didn’t include the beach so had to think again. Another favourite of mine in Coco (our dog’s middle name is taken from the film) which is set in Mexico during Día de los Muertos which would be happening during the time we were visiting. Adam’s mind was made up. Mexico ticked all the boxes and had the nod to Disney too.

Packing for the honeymoon

Since I had no idea where we were going, I found it hard to pack. Adam gave me hints to help with packing, and in the end I didn’t do too bad – other than massively overpacking! As the majority of our days were spent on the beach, and therefore in our swimwear, I needn’t have packed half the outfits that I did. I also overpacked when it came to toiletries. As we were in the pools and the sea so often during the day, I wore none of the make-up I’d packed, as well as not using any of the hair styling toiletries either. I also didn’t use my straighteners or curlers that I’d packed either. I think had I known where and what we would have been doing during the honeymoon I could have packed more effectively.

As the honeymoon was a surprise, Adam sorted all the logistical parts of packing as well – such as travel adapters for the plugs. However, he forgot to pack these in his suitcase and as I had no idea that we needed them, I never asked before we left. Luckily, most electricals charge using a USB cable now and thankfully the TV in the room had USB ports that we could use.

Adam was able to get Mexican Pesos from Sainsbury’s Travel Money Bureau to take with us. However, with it being an all inclusive resort there wasn’t much that we needed money for. We used the money to tip people such as the taxi drivers and waiters, however they would happily take American Dollars too. We also bought some souvenirs from a shop on site with our money. She again took either Pesos or Dollars.

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