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Mexico Mini Blog (Part Three)

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Back in August 2023, myself (Lucy) and Adam got married. As we’ve lived together for a while now, we asked for any wedding gifts to be money that we could put towards our honeymoon. As I had done most of the planning for the wedding, Adam was left in charge of organising the honeymoon, which he kept a complete surprise from me. Over the next five weeks, we’ll tell you all about the mystery Mexico honeymoon. We hope you enjoy!

Firstly apologies that this blog has come a bit later than advertised – work and life got in the way. But we’re back baby!


As I’ve mentioned previously, when picking our non-negotiables for the honeymoon, an adults only, all inclusive resort was on the list. With Mexico chosen as the destination, it was now up to Adam to choose a hotel. Booking through TUI, they suggested we try a TUI BLUE hotel – perfect for a honeymoon. TUI BLUE are hotels that are designed, in their words, for ‘you’. They offer best-in-class service, irresistible cuisine and thrilling activities. They add a personal touch with BLUE Guides who are local expects and make your experience on holiday as memorable as possible, suggesting excursions to go on and holding events and activities around the resort. Chefs at the hotels not only prepare authentic regional dishes but also provide choices varying from global buffets to fine å la carte restaurants. Activities are varied and unique – from daytime activities to evening events, as well as BLUE Spas and BLUEf!t programmes, there’s something for everyone at the hotel. I’ll delve deeper into these in a later blog!

There’s actually only one TUI BLUE hotel in Mexico so that is the one we stayed at. It was called TUI BLUE El Dorado Seaside Suites Resort.

About the Hotel

The whole resort actual homed three different hotels.

  1. El Dorado Seaside Suites (Palms) Resort
  2. El Dorado Seaside Suites (American) Resort
  3. The Hidden Beach

TUI BLUE only operated the first hotel on the list and this is where we stayed. This was made up of different sized villas containing different amounts of rooms. The villa we stayed in was made up of 18 rooms. Six on the ground floor which had a swim up pool, six on the first floor and six more on the second floor which each had balconies overlooking the pool. We were in a room on the first floor. Other villas were made up of smaller amounts of rooms and then there was a big block of the premium rooms which had a lot more rooms in but as we never went in there, I’m not sure how many there was in total.

The American side of the resort was one big building across around 10 floors which had multiple rooms on each floor. Each floor also had swim up rooms with pools that appeared to be floating down one side of the hotel.

The Hidden Beach resort was a gated Au Naturel resort. As this was gated, only residents of that hotel were allowed in to that resort but we did see a few people arriving and departing in taxis as their reception was near the main entrance to our resort.

The Room at the Hotel

As we knew we wanted to make the most of our honeymoon and the glorious sunshine in October, we knew that we weren’t going to be in our hotel room very much over the two weeks, so Adam booked the most basic and cheapest room available. This was more than enough for what we needed. A large king sized bed; a large bathroom with toilet, twin sinks, a huge shower cubicle and a whirlpool bath; a table and chairs which we used for room service on the first night; and a balcony with a recliner for the both of us on, which actually got used more as clothes dryers!

In the next mini blog episode, I’ll tell you more about the rest of the hotel – including food and drink, and activities. Check back soon for more!

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