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7 Reasons Why Everyone Should Set Travel Goals

As new year has just been, I know a lot of people would have set a new years resolution. Of those resolutions, many may include travel in some way. Whether that be to travel more or to visit a particular place. If youre anything like me, you will have a million ideas of places to visit floating around in your head at any one time so I always like to have a travel goal in mind. Now that doesn’t mean that I don’t travel spontaneously sometimes as well, but I always have an idea about one place specifically I want to head next.

My current goal is to visit Iceland and I’ve had that in my mind for a few years now. However, as I leave for Iceland tomorrow, I’ve started looking forward to my next goal which I’ve decided will be to visit Machu Picchu in Peru. Here are 7 reasons I think it’s important to have travel goals in mind.

1. Time to prepare

If you have a travel goal in mind, it gives you lots of time to prepare. Jetting off as soon as you decide on a place can be a lot of fun but it doesn’t give you a chance to really look into a place. If you have a set travel goal, you can start researching into the place before you’ve even booked a flight. You have plenty of time to explore the history of a place, find the best things to do and which places are tourist traps, local delicacies and pretty much everything you need to know about visiting the place.

2. Save money

Following on from point 1, if you have time to prepare you also have time to save. During the research stage, you will get a good idea of how much everything costs where you’re going. This means you can make an exact plan for how much money you’ll need and start saving early to make it happen. You can also spread the cost out over time which means you can afford to spend a bit more on that dream holiday. For Iceland, we booked the flight and hotel at the start and were planning to book one excursion a month leading up to the trip to spread the cost. Unfornutaly I completely forgot and ended up booking them all last minute resulting in my card actually getting blocked for too many expensive purchases in a foreign currency at the same time! If you save money up over time you can also save money for other big things you need like a car or house.

3. Get in shape

Setting a travel goal can also be linked to a more personal goal such as getting in shape. If your goal is to climb to Everest base camp (Or kilimanjaro like mine was) you will need to do some training for that. Even if your travel goal is not something so physical, you may just want to get a bit more in shape so your looking your best in all those Instagram pics. Having that travel goal can inspire you to start living a healthier lifestyle and with plenty of time to prepare you can get in shape ready for that dream trip.

4. Learn a language

Another more personal goal related to your travel goal may be to learn a new language. Maybe you started in school and have forgotten most of it or maybe it’s just something you’ve always wanted to do. If you know you will be visiting a certain place, it’s a perfect time to start learning their language.

5. Turn dreams into reality

Many people make a kind of bucket list of places they want to visit but a list in itself means nothing. Instead of just making a list and not doing anything about it, start setting travel goals and work towards making it happen. Instead of drifting around hoping you might get the chance to visit one of your bucket list destinations, focus on one place at a time and start ticking them off.

6. Sense of achievement

Similarly to the last point, once you do start ticking these dream destinations off your list, you’ll start to get a real sense of achievement. Setting a goal and seeing it all the way through to the end really helps you to travel with a purpose. I always had a goal to study abroad whilst at university so I worked at making sure I could do this. It was so worth it when I made it to my new university in Sydney and I had the best time whilst there.

7. Prioritise travel

The final and possibly most important reason to set travel goals is that it allows you to prioritise travel. If you love traveling but don’t want to miss out on other aspects of your life, setting a travel goal is a great way to make sure travel is always a part of your life. Setting long term goals allows you to always have something to look forward to and helps you to keep traveling even when other things are going on in your life. Even if you can’t afford to book a trip you can always research, prepare and learn about your goal location.

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