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Is it just me or is everyone currently playing and hosting their own pub quiz right now? If you’re anything like me you’ve probably already got a weekly quiz going whether that be with family, friends or work colleagues. You might be taking it in turns to host the quiz or maybe (like my family) the winner has to host the next one. But, if its you’re turn to write the questions and it’s got you stumped then look no further! Of course, being an avid traveler, when it was my turn to write the family quiz I went for a travel theme. Below is my list of travel quiz questions and answers but be warned, some of these are pretty tricky so make sure you play with like minded people! No one in my family even managed to get half marks!

General knowledge round

1. Which country is the most northern capital city in the world located in?

2. What is the name of the small statue in Brussels depicting a little boy weeing into a fountain?

3. Which capital city has a name that means ‘Good Airs’ in English?

4. What other name is Ayers Rock known as?

5. Which is Britain’s busiest railway station, with more than 2000 trains passing through daily?

6. Which country is Timbuktu located in?

7. Which country is Lapland located in?

8. Which is the largest US state?

9. Which Islamic country used to be known as Persia?

10. Which Australasian capital city shares its name with a Duke and a boot?

Celebrity round

What country were these celebrities born in?

11. Hugh Jackman

12. Emma Watson

13. Natalie Portman

14. Freddie Mercury

15. Mila Kunis

16. Keanu Reeves

17. Nicole Kidman

18. Amy Adams

19. Idris Elba

20. Lena Headey

Sports round

In what country did these sports start?

21. Football

22. Tuna tossing

23. Boxing

24. Man vs Horse marathon

25. Basketball

26. Wheelbarrow racing

27. Wrestling

28. Extreme sitting

29. Tennis

30. Quiddich

Picture round

What city and country are these landmarks from? (If you’re feeling generous there can be 2 points available for each question)

Number 31. The Taj Mahal temple with high archways, large rounded domes and long reflection pool in front.

31. Taj Mahal

Number 32. St Basil's Cathedral with brighly coloured turrets and onion domed roofs.

32. St Basil’s Cathedral

Number 33. Sagrada Famillia Cathedral with gothic style turrets.

33. Sagrada Famillia

Number 34. The little mermaid bronze statue of a mermaid on a rock.

34. The little Mermaid

Number 35. The Pyramids of Giza, large sandstone pyramids in the desert.

35. Pyramids of Giza

Number 36. Ponte Vecchio bridge over the river with shops along it.

36. Ponte Vecchio

Number 37. Machu Picchu ancient village in tiers up a mountain side

37. Machu Picchu

Number 38. Burj Kalifa large glass skyscraper

38. Burj Kalifa

Number 39. Chichen Itza large ancient stone step pyramid.

39. Chichen Itza

Number 40. Bran Castle white castle with grey roof on top of a hill surrounded by trees.

40. Bran Castle

Music round

What singer/band sings these songs? (If you are hosting the quiz you may want to find these songs on youtube and play a clip)

41. Budapest

42. Rotterdam

43. New York, New York

44. Hackensack

45. Dear Vienna

46. Galway Girl

47. California Dreamin’

48. Take me home, Country Roads

49. Down Under

50. From Paris to Berlin

Quote round

Complete the quote:

51. The World is a book and those who do not travel…

52. Not all those that wander are…

53. Take only memories, leave only…

54. Traveling, it leaves you speechless then turns you into…

55. Jobs fill your pockets but adventures fill…

56. Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you…

57. I haven’t been everywhere but…

58. Travel makes a wise man better but a fool…

59. A journey is best measured in friends rather than…

60. Work, travel, save…


1. Iceland

2. Mannekin pis

3. Buenos Aires

4. Uluru

5. Clapham Junction

6. Mali

7. Finland

8. Alaska

9. Iran

10. Wellington

11. Australia

12. France

13. Israel

14. Tanzania

15. Ukraine

16. Lebanon

17. USA

18. Italy

19. UK

20. Bermuda

21. England

22. Australia

23. Egypt

24. Wales

25. USA

26. Kenya

27. Greece

28. Germany

29. France

30. USA

31. Agra, India

32. Moscow, Russia

33. Barcelona, Spain

34. Copenhagen, Denmark

35. Cairo, Egypt

36. Florence, Italy

37. Cusco, peru

38. Dubai, UAE

39. Yucatan, Mexico

40. Transylvania, Romania

41. George Ezra

42. The beautiful south

43. Frank Sinatra

44. Fountains of Wayne

45. Owl city

46. Ed Sheeran

47. The Mamas & the Papas

48. John Denver

49. Men at Work

50. Infernal

51. Read only one page

52. Lost

53. Footprints

54. A storyteller

55. Your soul

56. Richer

57. It’s on my list

58. Worse

59. Miles

60. Repeat

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  1. John Petchey says:

    Your answer to 33 is WRONG!!! It is of course Barcelona not Madrid!!!

    1. Amy says:

      You are correct! Thanks so much for pointing that mistake out! I have updated it now

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